Key Strategies for international hotel sales development.

One way to increase sales for your hotel or hotel brand is to look outside your core source market and develop new international source markets. As you think about new international source markets, you may wonder how to proceed and build a sound international sales strategy. As experienced hotel sales professionals, we’re happy to share some tips to help you develop a plan of action.


Identify Key Source Markets

Do your research first. Does your hotel brand have an international traveler tracking system? What are the key inbound markets for your hotel brand? Ask credit card and research companies what your brand’s share is in international travel. Or, ask our Bamboo Collection team.


Research, Research, Research

As you study your top international markets, here are some questions you’ll want to consider:

• Is the market growing or is it a more mature market?
• How does the market perform through intermediaries such as travel agents and tour operators or “consumer direct”?
• What are the key market segments that would help you hotel brand most, such as MICE, or Leisure.
• Does the source market deliver your desired market segment?
• What you are trying to find out if the international market is a good fit for your hotel brand.


Consider all the Options

Once you have decided to take the leap and begin your international sales development plan, you will likely encounter multiple challenges such as language and cultural differences as well as legal issues and contract issues. And you are already busy. Your time is in high demand. Let Bamboo Collection help you navigate the Nordic market. Whether it be for one country, or for Nordic Countries, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland,  we can offer a solution that meets your needs and requirements efficiently and promptly.



We build your brand through our extensive network of wholesalers, travel agents, travel trade, airlines and media. 

Bamboo Collection has connected travel-related brands with the Nordic market for over 13 years. Our highly experienced team engages with retailers, tour operators, airlines, tourism boards and agents on a daily basis, ensuring our hotel partners have visibility in the right places to reach their target market. This is achieved through prompt delivery of product updates, training, regular sales calls, familiarization trips and office visits in all Nordic Countries.

• Retail and Wholesale Management
• Sales Missions
• Sales Calls and road shows
• Training and Seminars
• Familiarization Trips



From delivering insightful market research reports to designing and delivering email campaigns and managing social media channels, marketing is deeply embedded into everything we do. As no two campaigns are the same, we tailors content and activity to suit, ensuring the best marketing mix is delivered for maximum impact.

• Account Management
• Sales and Media Missions
• Events
• Brochure and online Analysis
• Product Training and Incentives


PR & Communications

At Bamboo Collection, we understand the role of PR in shaping a brand and using tactical, tailored messaging to reach targeted audiences. Through developing relationships with Nordic Countries high profile editors and travel writers, delivering high impact media co-op programmes, and highlighting brand messaging through our communications. We works with the media to educate consumers and trade about the products and destinations we work with, and ultimately to inspire travel.

• Media Relations
• Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships
• Press releases
• Media Placement Advice
• Media Familiarization trips

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