Kamalaya is introducing new ‘Enriched Gut’ Wellness Program

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Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa Resort is introducing an exciting new Wellness Program, “Enriched Gut”, that addresses the vital relationship between gut health and your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Imbalances in the levels of bacteria and microflora in the gut, as well as poor digestion, absorption, assimilation and elimination, can weaken the immune systemand lead to inflammatory diseases.

The ‘Enriched Gut’ program addresses these issues via a synergy of holistic treatments, therapies and practices including naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, nutritional advice, and other holistic sessions that deeply nurture and enrich the gut. The program also includes Kamalaya’s healthy cuisine, as well as herbs and supplements that stimulate and support optimal digestive health and wellbeing. Choose from 7, 9 or 12 nights.

Signs You Need To Enrich Your Gut
There are a number of ways an unhealthy gut might manifest itself. Here are 5 of the most common signs.

1. Sleep Imbalances
Poor gut health affects production of serotonin, the mood-enhancing hormone that supports restful sleep. The human body mainly produces serotonin during sleep, so extended periods of insomnia can deplete serotonin levels and lead to chronic fatigue. 

2. Digestion Blues
A lack of diversity, or insufficient amounts of healthy bacteria in the gut microbiome creates digestive issues such as bloating, gas, diarrohea and constipation. A healthy gut supports optimal digestion which, in turn, provides us with more energy and vitality. 

3. Food Allergies
Research has shown a link between an imbalanced gut microbiome and the development of food allergies and allergies in general. More research is being conducted to try and identify which strains of good bacteria can be used to support the immune system and potentially reduce an allergic response.  

4. Mood Swings
Impaired gut function or an overgrowth of yeast or unhealthy bacteria in the gut may contribute to feelings of moodiness, depression and anxiety. In many cases, this can be improved by eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruit and fibre, as well as taking regular exercise and reducing stress levels. 

5. Skin Conditions
Skin breakouts or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis have also been linked to gut health. Avoiding foods that trigger an inflammatory response can be a helpful tip for some people to manage their symptoms. Diagnostic testing that takes a ‘data snapshot’ of your gut microbiome, as well as blood tests may provide useful data to explore further options to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Foods For a Blissful Gut
One of the secrets to maintaining a healthy gut is a balanced diet containing lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and fibre. Variety is important, as the gut microbiome functions most efficiently when there are many different strains of healthy bacteria working together to support digestive health. Here are just three examples of foods you might consider adding to your diet to help keep your gut happy. 

1. Artichoke
Artichoke is a probiotic-rich vegetable that supports a flourishing gut microbiome and helps keep the bowels regular and healthy.   

2. Papaya
Papaya fruit supports optimal digestion and assimilation of micronutrients in the body due to its high content of water, fibre and a natural enzyme called Papain. 

3. Bone Broth
Restorative bone broth provides a valuable source of minerals, amino acids (building blocks for protein) and collagen which reduces inflammation and improves the integrity of the gut lining.

Watch the video about Enriched Gut – Click here
More information about the Program – Click here

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